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The GelThotic

Unparalleled Experience, As Runners…Working With Runners….

Real Healing, and Prevention.
A True Passion for Orthoses and Shoe Design and Modification, In Orthopaedics and Bio-mechanics.


Authenticity!  The word means a lot to us.  Over the decades of our own running and the tens of thousands of runners (and others) we have worked with, we have seen the most absurd attempts at medical treatment that can be imagined.  Whether by supposed medical authority, or even sales clerks directing runners to very often the wrong shoe, we have consistently been shocked at some medical practitioner’s attempt at foot care or some company trying to save a few dollars on materials to enhance the bottom line.


The only way we know to work with injury is through the most effective methods available, no matter how much work, and if necessary, the most expensive materials…even if that means making a few less dollars.

We offer the GelThotic as an authentic orthosis based on support features and well­-considered materials that while expensive…work!  The biggest question in trying to provide one over-the-counter orthotic for every foot type is:  “How can every foot type be addressed correctly in one orthotic?”  We could write books on the variations of foot types and their effect on injury.  The GelThotic addresses all foot types in the most efficacious way, while holding the cost down to the consumer in some of the most expensive raw material costs in the history of orthotics.

Shoes are more closely designed to the foot than ever leaving little room for conventional orthotics (orthoses).  For this reason, and others, orthotics may actually cause more problems than they solve.


The GelThotics fit in all types of shoes from athletic shoes to high-heels providing even more shock absorbency than some running shoes.  But, it is the soft support features combined with state of the art materials that are most important.

No expense has been spared in providing the state of the art silicone that comprises the entirety of the device.   Many studies have shown that hard support surfaces may actually encourage inflammation.  The support surfaces are both soft and highly studied to provide therapeutic support beyond many professional orthoses.

The GelThotics have been through years of clinical experience as well as consumer evaluation.  They have proven their ability to prevent and reduce the symptoms of pain as well as providing therapeutic support.

We look forward to hearing your experience with GelThotics and invite you to read the “Science of the GelThotic” describing the GelThotic in great detail, on this site.


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Michael Kendall

Thanks for your interest in Kendall GelThotics.

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